Dwayne Mann    8/18/65   Hunter    Exposure
Laverne Denn     8/18/65  Hunter    Exposure

Bodies of Two Hunters Found In Rugged Chugach Pass Area
ADN 8/19/65

The bodies of two hunters were found yesterday in separate areas near the Crow Pass area north of Girdwood.

Dead Are Dwayne Mann, 23, and Laverne Denn, 22, both of Hastings, Minn.

The men had been the object of an intensive search by an Army rescue team from Fort Richardson since Saturday.

Another group of hunters coming out of the area spoke to one of the men Saturday, and after leaving supplies with them walked to safety bringing out a sick boy, said Denn and Mann were in "pretty bad shape."

"One of the men was so bad that he kept falling," Wright said.  "He'd stand up, take about five steps, then crawl a little ways.  Once he walked backwards.

"We knew we were going to have a rough time getting out and we felt we couldn't take them with us," he said, but added that they could have followed.

Wright, a physician, said his son was suffering from hypothermia, subnormal body temperature, and went through nearly 12 hours of delirium shortly after he was brought out.

"The two hunters had very few supplies with them," Wright said, "so we left them about seven day's food supply, cut some firewood for them, and brought up some water from the stream.

"We told them to stay there, and that we'd send a rescue party rescue party in.  All they had to do was stay there," he stated.

One of the men told Wright that they had spent the night wrapped in a leaking poncho.  During the night about four inches of snow fell, chilling the hunters.

A spokesman for the Weather Bureau said temperatures in the 5,000-foot Crow Pass area were undoubtedly freezing or near freezing, not abnormal for this time of year at that location.

The Fort Richardson search team, ranging from part of a company early Sunday, had swelled to a full company of 100 men.  The men began searching at the base camp, then fanned out in an attempt to locate the pair the pair.

The first body was found about 11 a.m. yesterday on the Raven Glacier, about three and one half miles north of where the pair parked their pickup Friday afternoon, near Girdwood.

At 1:30 p.m., the second body was found in Crow Pass, about one mile from the first.

Both had died of exposure.

The bodies were turned over to the State Police and brought to Anchorage where arrangements are pending at the Anchorage Funeral Chapel.

Mann and Denn were in Alaska for summer employment as bricklayers.

Mann was married and the father of two children.  His wife, in Hastings, Minn., is expecting a third child next month.

Denn was single.

Letters to the Editor
ADN 8/21/65

Dear Editor:
Two hunters died in agony near Crow Pass after an almost certain chance to save them had been missed by the failure of another party to man a rescue camp.  Has the Judaic-Christian principle of valuing a stranger's life as one's own been entirely forgotten?

Rodman Wilson, MD
1215 8th Avenue