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Human remains and clothing found in Interior force look into old files

Human remains were found in the Moose Creek area near Fairbanks this week, bones and clothes that had been on the site for a "lengthy but undetermined amount of time," Alaska State Troopers said Friday.

Troopers were notified of the discovery on Tuesday, they said.

During their initial examination of the area, troopers from the Alaska Bureau of Investigation recovered a human skull and thigh bones. Later, they found more skeletal remains as well as clothing, according to authorities.

The remains had evidently been in place for some time, "but it is not a burial site," the troopers said in a written statement.

The office of the state medical examiner will study the bones and try to identify them using DNA and dental records, they said.

Investigators are searching missing-person cases from the area for possible leads, troopers said.

-- Anchorage Daily News