Terrance "Mugs" Stump 1992-05-21

92-214 - Denali (Alaska) - Climbing Fatality

Terrance "Mugs" Stump, 41, a highly-regarded mountaineer and guide, died in an accident on Mount McKinley on May 21st. His death was the seventh in seven days on the peak. Stump, who was employed by Mountain Trip, Inc., was following two clients as part of a three-person rope team at about 14,400 feet on the South Buttress when they stopped, looking for the route. As Stump moved to the front of the line, the snow broke away under him. Stump's clients were able to arrest their descent only when the rope from Stump stopped pulling. One client descended into the crevasse twice in hopes of locating Stump, but was unable to find him. The pair then continued down the mountain and reported the accident on May 22nd. After hearing a description of the accident and the crevasse, rangers decided to make no recovery effort. (cc:Mail message from John Quinley, Public Affairs, ARO, 5/25)