Randy L. Stoebner

Army Ends Hunt
Times 5/25/73

The search has ended for Pfc. Randy L. Stoebner, a young communications clerk from Fort Richardson who disappeared May 14 in the vicinity of Eklutna Glacier.

Efforts to find the 22-year-old soldier have involved more than 180 Army ground searchers, plus 64 flying hours of aerial reconnaissance.  Helicopters of the 172nd Arctic Light Infantry Brigade and the Army's 120th Aviation Company flew 62 search sorties before the Rescue Coordination Center discontinued the search yesterday.

Although the official search mission has been closed, Army units training in this area and the helicopters supporting the sessions will watch for any possible clues to Stoebner's hiking route.

The Army asks persons discovering anything helpful to contact the U.S. Army, Alaska Command Operations Center at 864-0133.

Body on Glacier is Identified
Times, 10/10/74

The body of a young man clad in summer hiking gear found on the Eklutna Glacier Sept. 28 has been identified as Randolph Lee Stoebner, missing since May 1973.

Alaska State Troopers said today the body was identified through Army dental records sent from St. Louis, Mo.

Stoebner disappeared about May 11, 1973 and his car was found parked near the base of the glacier.

Troopers said he apparently died of exposure.  His body was found encased in ice about eight feet from the top of a crevasse.  Troopers said he may have fallen.

Funeral arrangements are pending at Forest Lawn Memorial Chapel.

Survivors include his mother, Alta N. Stoebner, of Rock Rapid, Ind.