Karla Richter 07/20/95 Murder, Fall

Woman Falls Off Cliff

ADN 07/20/95

KETCHIKAN -- The death of a woman who apparently fell off a cliff appears accidental, though foul play has not been ruled out, police said. Ketchikan Police Chief Dan Anslinger said the injuries sustained by Karla Richter, 44, look as though they were caused by her fall last weekend while walking home along a trail. Richter had no injuries that would indicate her death was a homicide, but police are awaiting forensic test results before ruling out foul play, Anslinger said. Complicating the investigation are three calls police received about 2:30 a.m. Saturday reporting screams for help in the area where Richter fell. That was about the time she was walking home. Police searched the area with flashlights but turned up nothing. Richter's body was found the next morning in a creek below the cliff.