Kevin Park 1/17/94 Matanuska Glacier Flying Crash

Terrain Makes Rescue More Difficult
ADN 01/20/94

Air National Guard pararescuer Mike Wayt, in helmet, helps Richard Baranow, 34, from the Matanuska Glacier Tuesday morning.  According to the Alaska State Troopers, 37-year-old Kevin Park of Anchorage was killed when the PA-18 he was flying crashed Monday night while en route to Tahneta Pass.  Baranow, of Anchorage, was reported in serious condition at Providence Hospital.  Baranow was rescued from the crash site suffering from internal injuries and a fractured wrist.

NTSB Report Brief
Accident Date: 1/17/94
Accident narrative: approximately one minute after departure from a glacier while performing a shallow climbing turn to the right at an altitude of approximately 200 feet agl, the engine lost power. The airplane descended to the ground out of control. The pilot was observed to check the fuel for contamination, clear light snow from the wings and tail surfaces, preheat the engine for 50 minutes, and run the engine for 7 minutes before commencing the takeoff.

Accident cause: loss of engine power for undetermined reasons. A factor in the severity of the accident was the failure of the pilot-in-command to maintain control of the airplane when the engine ceased producing power.

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