Rick Kellogg 1992-06-18
Tom Walter

92-300 - Denali (Alaska) - Climbing Fatalities

On June 18th, climbers , 34, Rick Kellogg, 25 and Colby Coombs, 25, were climbing the Pink Panther/SE Ridge route at the 13,500-foot level of Mount Foraker when an avalanche struck and killed Walters and Kellogg. Coombs was injured, but was able to descend the ridge to a climbers' camp at the 7,000-foot level of nearby Mount McKinley and report the fatalities on June 24th. All three were experienced climbers. This incident brings the number of climbers killed in the park this year to 13. All of the others were on Mount McKinley. The last fatalities recorded on Mount Foraker were in 1987, when four climbers died in an avalanche. (John Quinley, PA/ARO, 6/25, and Associated Press, 6/26)