3 Korean Climbers 1992-05-21

92-207 - Denali (Alaska) - Three Climbing Fatalities

Three Korean climbers died in a fall on Wednesday in yet another incident on Mount McKinley. The bodies were found at the 15,000-foot level after observers warned rangers that the climbers might be in trouble. The trio fell down the Orient Express, a little-used route on the mountain's west rim, while descending from 18,000 feet, where they'd been trapped by bad weather for seven days. The bodies will remain on the mountain until the weather improves enough to allow a recovery team to enter the area. The three fatalities followed the rescue of three other Korean climbers on the mountain's summit on Monday. The three, who were stranded for a week without food or water, were evacuated to an Anchorage hospital. (Yereth Rosen, Reuters, 5/21)